Wikimedia LEADS

Wikimedia LEADS (Learning Ecosystems and Ameliorating Data Space)


logotipo de Wikimedia LEADS

An initiative from LaOficina Producciones Culturales to develop an advanced learning free/open data space and software ecosystem for the Wikimedia Movement.


Wikimedia LEADS first goal is to attend the GLAM Wiki learning needs. GLAM stands for galleries, libraries, archives and museums. GLAM Wiki it’s an important community in the Wikimedia Movement and a world leader in the open-access movement to the culture. GLAM Wiki also shares a lot of commonalities with the Europeana community.


By extension, all practices, tools and many of the specific contents will be applicable to all other areas of the human knowledge.


The Wikimedia LEADS concept has been developed thanks to the experience gained by LaOficina all these years and extends our proposed approach for very small GLAM launched with the Wikimedia Foundation funded project SMALL GLAM SLAM Pilot 1.


If you are interested about the initiative please email as at